Two Words You Must Always Be Asking

When you have something important you want to communicate with an audience, I’ve learned there are two very important words you need to constantly be asking yourself. By asking these two short words, you will help ensure that your website content is more riveting, your book cover copy creates more interest, your direct mail doesn’t[…]

Are You Running a Race With Your Shoes Untied?

In January, we had our first team meeting of 2017. As you would expect, we reviewed our vision and goals for 2017 and what will be our key areas of focus. We went over each team member’s key assignments. However, we spent the majority of our time focusing on one critical topic—COMMUNICATION. Why? Because whether[…]


If You Promise Yourself One Thing in 2017, Make it This…

We can’t help ourselves. A new year is approaching. We want to think big, dream big. A fresh start. A do-over. A new opportunity to have your best year yet, to start a new division, to reach and serve more people, to achieve a personal financial goal. I do the same thing. I’m a visionary[…]