February 25, 2016


The Power of an Idea

We publish stories that make a difference.

It’s hard to get noticed, to stand out.  You have a positive message that deserves a wider audience.  Yet in today’s crowded, over-saturated marketplace it’s hard to get noticed, to stand out.

Publishing may be the answer but HOW you publish can make all the difference between your message hiding in obscurity and transforming the lives of people all over the world.

Simply getting your message listed on Amazon is not enough.

Publishing today isn’t what it used to be – and there are loads of unhappy authors out there to prove it. This doesn’t have to be your experience.  HigherLife authors recommend us over and over and many come back to publish multiple books with us.

Let us help you avoid the publishing landmines that detail and disappoint so may authors.  We want to partner with you to help you determine the publishing process that’s right for you.

Here are three publishing options from which to choose…

#1 Story Marketing Strategy – Content Marketing Campaign

In today’s media-saturated marketplace, traditional forms of advertising and marketing simply don’t work like they used to.

To connect with your audience you need to offer value — give them something to capture their attention and earn their trust.

This is the central philosophy behind our Story Marketing Strategy – Content Marketing Campaign

This is a 12 month engagement that will deliver results a speaker, trainer, pastor, counselor or coach, if you offer a professional service, or you have a message you are passionate about sharing and want to declare it to the world, then we are just what you are looking for.

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#2 Collaborative Publishing

For individuals and organizations who have an audience and a message and want to publish a book that connects the two in a compelling and profitable way.

You want a publishing experience that rivals what the finest traditional New York publishing houses offer in terms of quality, personal attention and distribution while being able to retain all rights to your message and ultimate creative control that self-publishers offer.

Since every project is unique, complete our publishing application and questionnaire and after our initial FREE CONSULTATION, we will be able to craft a no-obligation proposal and agreement.

Fees typically vary depending upon the amount of work needed, the number of copies ordered and the specifications of the project.

Don’t have a manuscript?  No problem. We can either assign a writing coach to work with you or we can bring in a professional ghostwriter to interview you and from those conversations create your book manuscript

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#3 – Legacy Publishing

With Legacy publishing you are not required to purchase any books and when you do wish to order copies you enjoy significant author discounts. This publishing option provides a more streamlined publishing process in order to keep your publishing investment to a minimum.

As with our Collaborative publishing plan, Legacy will provide you with a top drawer publishing experience.  Most books can be published in 3-4 months.

Our Legacy service is just slightly streamlined from our Collaborative model, for example, two-levels of editing instead of three, but the biggest difference is that with Legacy, you only order books as you need them.

We provide you with an initial quantity of 100 books and beyond that, you order more copies as you need them.

You will be assigned a publishing project manager to guide you through each step of our publishing process.  Yes, you get to talk to a real person!  We think relationships are important so we want to establish a strong author/publishing relationship and partnership with you.

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At HigherLife, you always receive the full-service treatment and the utmost in creative collaboration from a team with deep roots in the publishing industry. Every step of the way, you feel supported and equipped.

Call 407-563-4806 to request a FREE PUBLISHING PROPOSAL or Schedule a FREE Consultation. We love helping our authors experience the thrill of making a difference!