January 21, 2014

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Are You Using These Four Essential Steps in your Business?

Coaching around your story works.

To be successful at what you do is hard work.  Despite your experience and skill, it’s easy to get caught up doing things the way you’ve always done them and as a result you see diminishing returns on that effort.

What may be needed is a fresh, outside perspective.

Bringing in a professional consultant and coach, can infuse you and your team with new energy, new strategy, new ideas and direction that can be the catalyst for turning flat and downward trends to lines that reflect growth and impact.

The potential for incredible sales growth, influence, impact, and opportunity is within your grasp. HigherLife can even help individuals break out of “survival mode” and live with more clarity, intention, purpose, passion, and joy.

Find out how our Organizational and Leadership Coaching and Publishing Coaching programs provide the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Organizational and Leadership Coaching

We specifically love to partner with:

  • Professionals – Doctors, Dentists, Certified Financial Planners, Motivational Speakers, Counselors, Therapists, Architects, Attorneys, etc.
  • Small Business Owners – Maybe you have a team of 3 or 300. You probably started the business but find yourself wondering if there isn’t more opportunity for growth. You have competent people but you know the business rises and falls on you.
  • Non-Profit Ministries – You’re passionate about serving others and making the world a better place. But it is becoming harder and harder to juggle finding and keeping donors with doing the work you feel called to do.
  • Individuals – Life is hard. Sometimes we tell ourselves a story about who we are that is off-track, not true, or just plain not helpful. Our Life Purpose coaching can help you with career planning, parenting, and life transitions.

Publishing Coaching

You have a good message and are willing to do much of the work yourself. However, publishing and marketing a book is not your area of expertise. You want top quality but don’t want to have to pay a publisher to get it.

Self-publishers want to fit you into their process and none are focused on giving you the guidance and strategy necessary to make smart decisions on how your book is edited, designed, packaged, and marketed. That’s why most books that are self-published don’t sell even a hundred copies.

HigherLife can coach you through the process! We will meet with you for 30 days or 12 months – guiding you through the key steps of editing, design, distribution, packaging and marketing:

  • Getting clarity on your target audience and value proposition for your message
  • Choosing the right title, subtitle, and general copy platform for the book
  • Getting your manuscript written quickly and painlessly
  • Setting a budget and production timeline and finding the right vendors to work with
  • Getting the cover and interior designed with excellence
  • The different levels of editing your manuscript requires
  • How to prepare your book for print, ebook, and audio book formatting
  • Setting up your distribution system
  • Preparing your pre-launch and post-launch marketing strategy
  • Having a follow-up and upsell strategy

By having an experienced coach work with you, you will avoid the minefields and mistakes that cause the vast majority of authors, even those who land a traditional publisher, to fail.



Certified Professional Coach
Coaching around your story really does work!


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