February 25, 2016

Story Marketing

We live in a media-saturated culture. Even the most compelling stories need to be heard to be effective.

Our Content Marketing Strategies help you leverage the power of your story to effectively connect with your target audience… and get results!

In today’s marketplace, traditional forms of advertising and marketing simply don’t work like they used to.

To connect with your audience you need to offer them value, give them something to capture their attention and earn their trust. This is the central philosophy behind what is referred to as “content marketing.”

HigherLife will show you how to leverage the power of your unique story coupled with your expertise to create raving fans.

How do you cut through the noise?

We follow a unique process shaped by our founder, David Welday, that takes you through a 4-step story marketing strategy:

Define –> Align –>Tell –> Sell


This is where HigherLife shines. We take the time needed to help you define your story. Don’t think you have a story? We think you do! You probably have never had a team like ours come in and work with you to mine the truly engaging, winsome, compelling, and unique aspects about what you do, who you are, and what you offer. We take the time needed to help you define your story.


Once we have a handle on your story, we work with your in-house team to make sure all the touch points with your audience are properly aligned around your story. People today want authenticity and they want to work with organizations that resonate with a level of authenticity. Whether it is how your website looks, how your phones are answered, or how your print advertising reads, we make sure everything lines up.


Once we’ve got your story aligned, we tell the world! Whether it is setting up radio interviews, publishing a book, generating publicity, creating self-help kits, small group resources, creating phone apps, shooting a series of videos, whatever the medium, we tell your story well.


Ultimately you have to sell something. We get that! Whether your mission is to generate new donors for a compassionate cause, get more people to sign up for your investment services, or sell a million more widgets in the coming year, everything we do is all pointing towards helping you generate more revenue.

Find out how content marketing can be a powerful way to generate more leads, more donors, and earn more new business than you thought possible.

Other Marketing Services

Book Publishing: Your Nuclear Business Card

Many businesses, charities, and associations have discovered that a book is better than a brochure or even a business card. As a published author you:

  • Have more credibility
  • Are positioned as a thought leader in your field
  • Are offering your prospective clients something of value
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Leave a lasting impression (flyers get tossed – not books!)

There’s a book inside you — even if you are not a writer and don’t have time to write a book. We can get that book out of you without taking more than two days of your time.

Author Launch Pad Book Marketing

Whether you are a published author or want to be, a critical key to your success will be having a sound book marketing strategy.

You don’t want to see your message sitting in storage.  We will help you get your book into the hands of the people you most want to impact and serve.  Plus, you don’t waste money on efforts that don’t produce results!

The Author Launch Pad Program includes:

  1. We will review with you your publishing options, including the potential to publish through our own publishing and media group, Savage Press.
  2. Next, we will work with you on the ideal packaging and presentation your book needs to succeed.
  3. Last but not least, we will work with you to craft a customized marketing strategy that will be unique to you and your message.

We will show you how to generate sales through:

  • Bookstores
  • Distributors
  • On-line booksellers
  • Businesses
  • Social Media
  • Associations and Affinity groups
  • Media and Publicity
  • Internet and Website sales
  • Churches, Clubs and Schools
  • Events, Conferences and Seminars

Publicity and Public Relations Campaigns

Whether you are launching a book, announcing a new program or promoting a key event, publicity can be a strategic element of your overall marketing strategy.

The goal of your campaign is to generate exposure for you and your work through the media.  Often the goal of a campaign is to get you booked as a guest on a show, and to be published in both print and digital form.  Typical publicity campaigns run between 3-6 months and can include:

  • Crafting a press release
  • Distributing your press release to media outlets (between 500 – 15,000 depending upon the topic)
  • Personal contact with radio station managers and program directors
  • Personal contact with Television network producers and program directors
  • Submitting (as appropriate) copies of your book for review
  • Submitting article excerpts to both print and digital media
  • Eblasts and direct mail as needed and depending on the scope of the campaign
  • Monthly summaries of activity is provided

Website Development

How do you show up in the world?  Your website, blog and social media often form the backbone of your personal and organizational brand.  Make sure you are communicating to your target audience in the best way possible.

Whether you have a website that is outdated and needs a make-over or need a completely new site, we will work with you to first understand your audience and your mission.  From there, we will work with you to craft content that gets artfully and strategically designed into a mobile-friendly website that is authentic to your brand and integrates well with your social media.

  • Site architecture – selecting the number of pages and format you need
  • Content development – writing your text and as needed securing videos and images
  • Building the site using Word Press for easy client support and updating. Our sites can include:
  • Banner ads
  • Photo sliders
  • Video links
  • E-Commerce
  • Sales-driven landing pages
  • Social media links
  • Blog site
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Hosting and Maintenance
  • Email marketing support

Contagious Brand Engagement

Our proven, Creating a Contagious Brand engagement allows you and your leadership team to come into alignment around the true power of your brand.  This program is used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Many people think a brand is just a logo or a tag line — not true.  Great logos and tag lines only come as a result of having a carefully crafted contagious brand strategy.

This proprietary strategy was used to create brand strategies for these organizations:

Chick-Fil-A – Eat Mor Chikin

Home Depot – More Savings, More Doing, That’s the Power of the Home Depot

Olive Garden – When You’re Here, You’re Family

And many more…

A typical contagious brand strategy engagement can begin with market research.  We talk to your key leaders, board members, donors and fans to discover just how clear, how memorable, authentic and compelling is your brand.

Next we take you and your key leaders through a 1-2 day Creating and Contagious Brand process.  This is where you team begins to discover and embrace the core elements of your brand.  The deliverable of this interactive (and fun) session is a one-page brand document that highlights your:

  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Promise (Target, Category, Compelling Benefit)
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Affiliation (Raving Fan Identity)

Next we evaluate all your audience touch-points, your website, brochures, logo, stationary, exhibits, social media, advertising – all the ways your audience experiences you and work to bring these elements of your market communication into alignment with your brand.

Campaign Messaging Strategy

Make sure your next capital campaign resonates with donors and shares the need and the opportunity in the most compelling way possible.

Anyone can design a campaign brochure that is attractive.  But capturing the “soul” of your ministry and presenting your opportunity in a way that sparks emotion, creates pictures in mind of your donors that woos their heart and compels them to give, well that’s quite another thing.

Our campaign messaging strategy includes:

  1. An on-site visit with your ministry
  2. Interviews with key personnel, board members and beneficiaries
  3. Professional copywriting of your campaign brochure and response pieces
  4. Complete graphic design
  5. Overseeing of print and production

Ala-Carte Marketing Services

We will create for you top-notch marketing collateral pieces to help you reach your intended audience.  Services include the following:

• Direct Mail pieces
• Flyers and Brochures
• Presentation Slides
• Blog Tours
• Social Media Strategies, Set-up and Execution
• Magazine Publishing and Design
• Email Marketing

• Video Promotions
• Exhibit Displays
• Advertising for both Print and Digital
• Article Excerpts
• Press Releases
• Copywriting
• Script Writing