March 26, 2016

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David Welday is an out-of-the-box thinker, gifted communicator, high-energy motivator, trainer, marketing strategist, publisher and coach.

Whether working with a client one-on-one or speaking to a packed house, David is known for his passionate, high-energy and infectious demeanor and presentation.

He currently serves as President of HigherLife Publishing and Marketing, Inc. and Executive Director of Next Generation Institute. In addition he manages the publishing imprints for The Savage Group ( and The Billion Soul Network (

He has delivered 500+ percent growth for nationwide periodicals, developed New York Times bestselling authors and created award-winning curriculum resources for both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations.

He has served in the publishing and marketing world for more than 30 years with experience in; direct response marketing, magazine publishing, book publishing, curriculum and digital resource development, donor development and organizational development.  His experience includes work in traditional, collaborative and self-publishing models.  He does “Contagious Brand Strategy” engagements for both corporations and not-for-profit ministries.

Dave is a published author and does seminars and intensives in the areas of branding, personal development, publishing, parenting, leadership marketing, and church growth. His published books include:

  • The A Factor – 52 keys to a winning attitude
  • Get Your Book Published!
  • How to Market Your Book!
  • 52 Book Marketing Strategies
  • Shaping Your Family Story – How imperfect parents create hope and promise for their children
  • The Successful Children’s Ministry Worker’s Guide To Effectively Training Children

Clients he has served include: Health Central Hospital, The Williams Group, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, New Tribes Mission, Chef Zipora LLC, Voice of the Martyrs, Assist Network International, The Climb, World Compassion, Change This World, David C. Cooke, Gospel Light, Charisma Media, BOSS the Movement, Kingdom Global, Lionshare, Texas Health Resources, The Service Driven Institute, and many others.  David has served on the board of multiple charitable, non-profit organizations.

In addition, David is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (MP) with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Certified Professional Coach


To book David as a speaker or contact him call: 407-563-4806 or e-mail


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David lives in Oviedo Florida, has been married to his lovely wife Amy for more than 40 years. He and his wife have three grown sons, David, Darren and Jason and are actively involved in local church and non-profit charity work.

In Honduras with the leaders of Change this World

David and Amy with Livingston Taylor


With Marc Mero, former WWF Champ


Now that is a truck!


To book David as a speaker or contact him call: 407-563-4806 or e-mail

Keynote, Seminar and Workshop Topics he delivers…


  1. Extraordinary Leadership – What We Can Learn from a Shepherd

Everyone wants to be a more effective leader.  Yet with all this leadership know-how that’s available on the market, organizations still struggle with turn-over.  They still get “stuck” at various stages in their organizational growth and development.

So what does it take to truly inspire others, to lead people in a way that brings out their A-game and as a results helps your organization thrive?  This session will share with you key principles found in the desert, as we look at the role of an iconic, yet little-known shepherd leader:

  • The difference between push versus pull leadership
  • The mindset that makes all the difference
  • Teaching old dogs new tricks
  • Why you need both a rod and a staff
  1. The A-Factor – How to be a standout performer

Each of us is born with a limited amount of time, talent and treasure.  How is it that some people who were perhaps dealt a bad hand when it comes to their natural giftedness still manage to achieve unparalleled success, while others blessed with looks, charm, athleticism achieve less?  Is it just luck of the draw?  Circumstances?  Or do we have within us the ability to leverage what we have in ways that allow us to soar, stand out and make a positive difference in the world?

This topic is ideal for teams, employees, any group of workers who you are wanting to motivate to do and be their best, to discover their greatness and achieve more.  Topics will cover:

  • The mindset of winners
  • Avoiding emotional minefields
  • Adopting the right focus
  • Why failure is necessary for success
  1. What Every Employer Wants You to Know – and Your Spouse Wished You lived

This topic unpacks ten of the most desirable mindsets that will increase your performance while increasing your joy.  These are not skill sets taught in educational halls or learned in classrooms.  Far too often these qualities of success were not encouraged at home.  So we are left as adults needing to go back and relearn or embrace core character traits that should have been adopted much earlier in life.  Yet they can be learned.

These principles are universally embraced and when practiced consistently they will make your work better, your attitude better – your performance better – they will make YOU better!

This talk can be tailored to both a work environment or home environment, presented with either a secular or faith-based style and targeted to teens, young adults and beyond.

  1. Unleash the Power of Content Marketing to Build Your Audience

How do you get noticed in today’s fast-paced, media-saturated culture?  Traditional forms of advertising are not breaking through the “noise.”  The secret is “content marketing.”  Explore ways you can leverage your know-how, your experience, and your unique story to capture the attention of your market and stand out from the competition.

We’ll cover:

  • Finding your distinction
  • Building your brand
  • Mining your benefits
  • Learning to see through the eyes of your audience
  • The power of publishing
  • Enhancing your value proposition
  • Becoming a “thought-leader” in your field
  1. Creating Your Contagious Brand

Branding is a popular “buzzword” in entrepreneurial, business, and marketing circles.  But just what is your brand? More importantly, how can you develop it to become a top-of-mind company, author, speaker or organization?  Discover why Fortune 500 companies spend millions on brand development – and how you can learn their strategies!  Branding is more than simply making sure your website matches your letterhead, or having an attractive logo and tag line.

This session will give you clues on:

  • Getting your leadership team clearly aligned behind your brand
  • Defining your brand position
  • How your customers feel about themselves based on your brand
  • Creating a winning brand strategy
  1. Creative Book Marketing Strategies that lead to Funding AND Distribution!

More and more authors are coming to realize that the true challenge and opportunity in publishing lies not just in creating a compelling manuscript or finding the right publishing partner, but having a sound marketing and distribution plan!  Publishers are looking for authors who are willing to market their message.  But how do you do that?  This practical session will give you truckloads of insightful and proven strategies for how to market and sell your book, not, just one at a time but by the box!  Not only will you learn ways to market your book, you will discover untapped strategies for how to build a distribution network for your book!

This session will help you:

  • Avoid wasting time and wishful thinking on marketing efforts that don’t work
  • Explore ways to fund the start-up costs of getting published
  • “Think outside the bun” to mine new and creative ways to connect with your audience
  1. Going In With Your Eyes Open – How to Navigate the Publishing Process

The publishing world is in transition!  On the one hand, it’s never been easier to get published.  Yet, it’s never been harder to be successful at being published.  Today you have options.  But with all the publishing options, there are pitfalls – minefields to be avoided at all costs.  Most new authors find themselves disappointed, disillusioned or discouraged.  This seminar is designed to empower you, to be wise and aware of your options, to know how to navigate the landmines and become a successful, and happy published author.

This session will help you:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of traditional, hybrid and self-publishing
  • Determine what things are really important to you and what things are not
  • Be able to more confidently negotiate with publishers to get your best deal
  • Get your book published in a way that fits your values, priorities and values
  1. Shaping Your Family Story – How Parents (and Grandparents) Inspire Hope and Promise for Their Children

It seems that today’s parents have never been more anxious and overwhelmed with the prospect of raising their kids well.  In today’s fast-paced culture where children are being raised in single parent homes or where both parents are working outside the home, what are the proven principles that any parent or grandparent can apply to help ensure the next generations live lives of meaning, significance, purpose and joy?

This session will offer five central truths – principles to help ensure that children:

  • Grow up with a positive sense of their worth and value
  • Have the tools to make good decisions and navigate shifting morality and values
  • Have a strong family support system to give them confidence
  • Avoid the many pitfalls that cause heartache, pain and trouble
  1. How to Grow Your Church – How to thrive in a post-Christian culture

This year between 6,000 and 10,000 churches will close their doors – forever.  That’s about 20 churches every single day!  All the while there are people hurting, seeking counselling, longing for help.  Suicide is at an all-time high.  Something is wrong.  The church, which carries the mandate to extend God’s Kingdom on earth as in heaven is shrinking, at least here in America.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

This practical seminar will provide church leaders not with pie-in-the-sky theory but proven practices that work.  Apply the principles and tactics presented in this seminar and your church will grow.  This seminar will address:

  • The history and theology of church growth – why what we’ve been doing isn’t working any more
  • Practical strategies that any church can apply starting tomorrow that if followed up will make you more visible in your community and produce growth
  • Examples on how to stay culturally relevant yet theologically true to the Word of God
  1. Sharing Your Faith – Why most Christians don’t evangelize and what to do about it

Being able to present the Gospel to a non-believer is a basic skill and passion that every follower of Christ should possess.  Yet, statistics reveal that the vast majority of people who consider themselves Christians never do.  Every day we pass up opportunities to be salt and light to a world that needs to be rescued.

In this practical session, participants will:

  • Confront the reasons why we don’t share our faith
  • Gain the theology and understanding to be able to confidently share
  • Understand why its essential to our personal growth to be a “living witness”
  • Gain confidence in being able to share their story and present the Gospel in a clear and compelling manner
  • Learn ways to witness that don’t involve talking!

Have a specific leadership, ministry, parenting or marketing challenge or topic you want to see addressed?  Let me know.  I am willing to create a presentation to meet your needs and serve your audience.

Contact me at: 407-563-4806 or e-mail