July 27, 2016

Our Clients

Our Clients are making a positive difference in the world!

It has been our honor and privilege to know them and help them do just that!

Bridging Generations

Made in the USA

Trailer Cash

Shaping Your Family Story

The Journey of a Kingsman


The Most Powerful Voice

The Forgotten Baptism

Keys to the White House

The A Factor: 52 Keys to a Winning Attitude

Win the Job You Want!: 7 Secrets Hiring Managers Don’t Tell You, But We Will!

When Leaders Live Together: How Two Strong Personalities Can Thrive In Marriage

When Angels Speak

Mended: Out of the Rag Pile, Back on the Hanger

Tailored: Being Fit to Perfection

Wake Up Call: The 7 Pivotal Moments That Can Change Everything – What Every Entrepreneurial Leader Needs To Know

Unwrapping his Presence: What we Really Need for Christmas

Uncensored-Dating, Relationship, and Sex: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Try Higher: A Call to Every College Student

Training for Reigning: Releasing the Power of your Potential

Think Like A Pro – Act Like A Pro

Thin Places: Surprising Collisions Between the Human Spirit and the Presence of God

There’s a Pig in my Pantry

The Table Experience: Discover What Creates Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships

Extraordinary Living: The Hidden Power That Answers Life’s Most Compelling Question

The Service Driven Life: Discover Your Path to Meaning, Power, and Joy

The Service Driven Leader: Moving your People and your Bottom Line Forward

The Holy Spirit at Work in You: Becoming Intimate with God

Ten Commandments of Business Success for Women: Reaching Your Goals With Integrity

Teleios Man: Your Ultimate Identity

St. Nicholas’s Secrets: Tales of the Tick-Tock Time Traveler

Taking off My Comfortable Clothes: Removing Religion to Find Relationship

Sweet Freedoms: 50 Life Lessons from Life in the ’50s

Stepping Through Cancer

Soulmate: Your Ultimate Relationship Awaits

Son of a Gunn: Where a Journey of Faith Can Lead

Would You Have Fired Judas?

Second Wind: Sometimes All You Need To Do Is BREATHE!

Run with Abandon: Restoring your Childlike Joy and Trust in God

Romans 911

reSymbol – A Guide to reThink, reDefine, and reLease the CHurch

Putting Your House in Order: A Vital Tool for Properly Managing Your Estate

Mush Mush-Sight Word Readers

Looking at Life Through God-Colored Glasses

Living and Dying

Life Stories – Healing and Hope in the Wake of Loss

Journeying with Jeanette: A Love Story into the Land and Language of Alzheimer’s

In God We Trust Tour Guide

I’ll Trade My Sorrow: Trading The Pain of Yesterday for a Journey that Frees Your Soul

Heaven’s Success Secrets: 12 Keys to Living the Life You Were Made to Enjoy

Heaven on Earth: Living in the Fullness of God’s Kingdom Here and Now

Get Your Book Published!

Extraordinary Living: The Hidden Power That Answers Life’s Most Compelling Question

Dump the Junk for Parents-The Answer to Childhood Obesity

Cultural Nonsense—Don’t Buy the Lie or Settle for Less than Blessed

Christian Extremism

Blueprint: New Testament Strategies for Building, Growing & Sustaining The Church

Better Together

Becoming Visible: Letting Go of the Things that Hide Your True Beauty

Autism, Adolescence, and Adulthood: Finding the Path to independence

7 Pillars of Parenting

Connecting the Dots


70 Seconds


Recipe for a Delicious Life

Romans 911

Surviving Medical Mayhem

Surprised by GOD

Outside The Gates

The Shine Factor

Chains Be Broken

Wisdom Conversations




The God Puzzle

How to Market Your Book


From Cover Girl to Cookie Queen

Unwrapping His Presence

Stepping Through Cancer

Fresh Oil from Heaven

Winning at Work

One Nation Under God

Gracyn’s Song

The Bible Can Be Proven!

12 Simple Secrets to Staying Calm in a Crazy World

12 Simple Secrets to Finding Fulfillment at Work

12 Simple Secrets to Experiencing Joy in Everyday Relationships

12 Gifts We Can’t Afford to Lose

A Discipleship Journey

The Jesus Blueprint

You Can Win

Not In My House!

God’s Future For You

Affair Healing