6 Ways to Ensure Your Business Dies a Slow, Painful Death

If you surveyed a hundred business and organizational leaders you know, I’m fairly certain you’d find that none of them started their business, chose their career or launched their mission with the goal of burning out, succumbing to the daily grind, or going quietly into the night of mediocrity. And yet many of entrepreneurs and[…]

What Is the Altitude of Your Leadership?

Leaders spend their days working to make their business grow. You want to reach and serve more people and in the process generate a benefit for your effort. That benefit can be increased stock value for your shareholders, improved personal wealth for you and your team, or solving a cultural problem such as homelessness and[…]


The “R-word”—Secret Ingredient to Success…

There are lots of keys to success in life and business. Most of them involve character traits such as perseverance, having a positive attitude, going the extra mile. Lots of great books have been written about the keys to success. In fact we publish several of them. At the end of this blog I’ll provide[…]

Golden Gate Bridge

Guest Post: Marketers Must Understand the Power of Three

Good marketing follows certain universal truths. To succeed in an increasingly skeptical and fragmented marketplace, therefore, it behooves marketers to learn and apply these universal truths to marketing their products. One of the most important “truths” is the “power of three.” Third rock from the sun Most of us learned in science class that the Earth is the third rock[…]