10 Things That Require Zero Talent

There are a lot of things in life that require special skills. Don’t ask me to slam dunk a basketball. I might have the passion and drive necessary to make that happen, but alas, my 6-inch vertical leap just isn’t going to get the job done. I can solder a broken wire – but I don’t think you’d want me to do brain surgery on any of your relatives. Sure, we all could come up with a list of things we wish we were good at doing but just aren’t. We are all uniquely gifted – just not equally gifted. 

Instead of concentrating on what you cannot do, who you cannot be, here are 10 things you can consistently do well regardless of your smarts, your physical prowess, your social skill or your opportunity. These are ten things at which you can excel that require zero talent. Are you ready?

  1. Being on time
  2. Having a good work ethic
  3. Doing your best
  4. Having energy
  5. Positive body language
  6. Passion
  7. Going the extra mile
  8. Being prepared
  9. Being teachable/coachable
  10. Having a good attitude

My oldest son David sent me this list. His boss sent it to him. I thought it was a good reminder to focus on the things in life that we can change, that we can control.  So I decided to share this list with you.

Today, take a few moments to consider the things where you already excel or can excel.  Some of the things you come up with maybe unique to you – or they may be things like my list above, things that don’t require special skill and talent, just a conscious decision to apply them.

How about encouraging someone? It doesn’t take any great skill to be nice, to say something positive, to notice when someone has made a change in their appearance. What if you decided not to gossip? Choose not to get sucked into an unhealthy conversation. What if you assumed the best rather than the worst of someone else’s motives? You see, throughout your day you have so many opportunities to make the world better – and it doesn’t require you to be rich, famous, athletic or gifted in any unique way. You are a world-changer. Start with your world and work out from there!

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