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Back in 2015, B2B Content Marketing released their 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America. The company surveyed more than 5,000 marketers in more than 100 different countries. The findings were published to help marketers around the world achieve “best in class” results. The five core strategies below will increase your visibility and generate both trust and traffic to your website.

1. Be consistent. In a world as unpredictable as ours your customers and clients will embrace stability wherever they can find it. Why not earn their trust early in the working relationship by creating a predictable rhythm your readers can count on in your blog?

2. But not TOO consistent. Risk is a requirement in marketing. So while consistency counts, always be looking for ways to streamline, improve and increase your sales. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box and test new approaches. When you find one that works, don’t hesitate to make the change, add it to your marketing and sales arsenal.

3. Make a plan and follow it. Editorial calendars can only work if the strategy is communicated clearly and often. With so much “noise” all around us, don’t be surprised that you need to repeat and remind your clients about the value you offer. All members of your content building team should be able to easily identify at any given moment who you want to reach, the value you can provide, how you can deliver that information and how to measure successes.

4. Assign a point person. With content teams large or small, give one person the sole responsibility of making sure the correct content is delivered on time and that content closely follows your company or organizational strategy. Problems lurk in environments of ambiguity.

5. Embrace social media, in all its forms. While many marketers tend to drift toward the platform they find the most comfortable, more content on more social media sites means a broader reach and, eventually, more clients. The majority of marketers utilize an average of 14 tactics and seven social media platforms. However, in light of our first points above, don’t take on supporting more social media platforms than you can consistently support.

In 2018, B2B pushes several other ways to keep your customer engaged through content:

6. Be generous with your expertise. B2B recommends giving away 25% of your expertise for free. Website visitors want to read content relevant to their specific business issue, not about how great your company is. Marketing through useful content will spur a prospect’s understanding of your firm’s value and turn into a lead.

7. Make sure your website is dynamic and not static. Your company’s site should be the ultimate resource center for relevant content, infographics, statistics and the latest research. If you want your site to achieve the coveted Bookmark Status, keep the content fresh and make your website a living, breathing collection of resources for your client.

8. Keep your eyes on the prize. You’ve heard the adage: “If you try to market to everybody, you’ll end up reaching nobody.” Make sure your team knows exactly who their target audience is, down to what they eat for breakfast and what kind of coffee they prefer. It’s tempting to worry about excluding everyone outside your ideal client, but you’d be surprised how many others outside of the target description are attracted by your clear communication.

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