Dance It Out Girl!

Dance It Out Girl!
By: Shannon Leigh Rowell

Motherhood is meant to be beautiful and rewarding. It also comes with uncertainties and obstacles. It’s messy and chaotic. One minute you’re basking in the glow of your baby’s smile beaming while also watching your toddler do a happy dance on the family room floor. The next minute you want to curl up in a fetal position and pray that the world would just give you a moment of peace-just one hour without someone whining, crying, tugging on you or pooping on the furniture.
This book can be a chocolate bar for your soul. Go ahead, take a bite. Treat yourself to fresh wit, wisdom, help and hope in becoming a better version of you.

About the Author: 

Shannon Leigh Rowell knows first hand the struggle of young girls and women. This is a part of her own journey. Shannon is currently in the trenches of motherhood raising her four young children. She has a Masters Degree in mental health counseling and is a licensed professional working in her private practice, Perfectly Imperfect Counseling. She lives in Orlando, Florida.

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