By: Don Corder

The mission of the Church has always been to “go and make disciples of all people”. But between “going” and “making” the Church has to connect with people. The way disciples are made has not changed in 2000 years. But how we “go” and how we “connect” with people has changed dramatically in the twenty-first century. If you think just showing up and hanging an “Open for ministry” sign on the door is all it takes to reach people, think again. Jesus gave us the command to go and make disciples. He’s also given us the tools and the tactics to accomplish the mission. With refreshing clarity and honesty, this book will provide you with 28 executable action itemsyou can do that will cause your church to grow, guaranteed.

About the Author:
Don Corder is a strategic thought leader, author, speaker, and seasoned leader with more than thirty years of experience in the area of church growth and development. He has served in executive leadership for both nonprofit ministries and local churches. Don currently serves as president of The Provisum Group, which provides accounting, finance, communications, information systems, and marketing services to churches and faith-based nonprofits across the United States.



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