Where Was God When I Needed Him?

Where Was God When I Needed Him?
By: Dan Myers

You didn’t see it coming. A diagnosis, a death, a failed marriage. We all face tragedy in life. But as a person of faith, you trust God. You know He loves you. But after crying countless tears, praying a thousand prayers, your situation doesn’t appear to change. You question, you doubt, then you wrestle with feelings of anger, guilt, fear, and shame. This is a book for you. It’s not about easy answers and miraculous happy endings. No, this is a book that will help you make it through your dark night of the soul. Dan and Dorene Myers pastored a vibrant church and parented three growing children. In the space of a few days, their youngest daughter was in a traumatic automobile accident and one of their parishioners brutally murdered. Their faith was challenged in ways they never expected. Their precious daughter went into a coma for months and never recovered. Swamped with questions and self-doubt and needing to know God more, Pastor Dan began a journey for answers. This book is the result of that quest.

About the Author: 

Dr. Myers has been the lead pastor of two
congregations over his ministry career. In addition,
he served as the Alumni President for Vanguard
University of So. CA. He and his wife, Dorene, are
active members of Southwest Church in Indian
Wells, CA. Dr. Myers is now retired yet still active
in ministry and in-demand as a gifted preacher and

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