Where’s Your Focus?

For some of us, the holidays bring great times of rejoicing.  For others, you find yourself thrust into family situations that can be challenging.  Holiday gatherings may force you to see and interact with difficult people, people who have hurt you deeply and people who see the world very differently from how you do.

None of us are exempt from having to face difficult people.  Let’s be honest, we are all both flawed and fabulous at the same time.  The question is, where do you choose to put your focus?  If a client is grilling me about a minor problem with their book – making a proverbial mountain out of a molehill, do I choose to get resentful, critical, point out all the ways the client failed to follow our process?  Or do I choose to hear what they have to say, learn from it and as a result be a better leader, run a tighter ship and turn out a more excellent product.  You see, it really is a matter of choosing – choosing on what you focus.  Do you focus on the poor delivery as your client is getting up in your grill about something insignificant?  Or do you choose to listen, really hear their concerns and make the necessary adjustments that will make you better?

Why is it some people always seem to find the good, the silver lining in a bad situation, while others almost always slip over to the dark side?  I can’t say I have the answer and even if I did, it would take more time than this brief letter to unpack it.  Let me encourage you to make a New Year’s resolution to make the choice to see the glass half-full, to be a more positive and uplifting person.  After all, it really is your choice.  Choose to focus on the things you can change (which is you and not the other person).  And make the effort to find the fabulous in the other person.  Lord knows the flaws are there,  but focusing on them won’t help you in your relationship with them.

So this year, make the choice to set your focus on the things that will brighten, lift, encourage and help others, help the situation and ultimately help you!  You’ll be glad you did.

To your highest and best,


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