When You Should Work With a Ghostwriter

You probably have a great book idea and have set multiple deadlines to get the manuscript ready, but you have not honored them. Authors you look up to have probably released several works in that period. This happens to many aspiring writers when self-doubt, fear, and limited time get in their way. A ghostwriter is a third party who comes in and helps put your ideas together on time, on budget, and most importantly, in a manner fit for the right audience.

Just because you have an important message to share or an amazing story to tell doesn’t mean you are called to be a writer. In other words, you may be an author but not a writer. There’s a difference. As an author, you want to share your message, your experience with the world in book form. Great. Having your publisher pair you with a gifted ghostwriter can be the perfect solution. 

You use your gifts, talents, and experience to share your message. The ghostwriter uses their gifts, talents, and experience to convey your message in a way that is relevant to your target audience and authentic to your voice – to how you would share it. Let us expound further on circumstances when you might need to work with a ghostwriter.

When You Need a Quick TurnAround

You might be working on a marketing campaign where you need to give away an ebook to your email subscribers. However, your writing style may be such that you need several weeks or a couple of months to get it ready. A ghostwriter might be able to prepare the ebook in a much shorter time. Their fee becomes part of your marketing budget.

There may be other situations when your team is very lean and handling a lot of administrative and contractual work. Hiring a ghostwriter for smaller tasks allows you more time to handle the other tasks that fall in your scope of work.

When You Need Objective Feedback on an Idea

Your ghostwriter might be the first person to read a draft of your book idea. You will go back and forth with him regarding how the idea fits the target audience. They will share their thoughts on the necessary adjustments as well as what they like most. A ghostwriter is a collaborator, and their work is the output of discussions you’ve had on them. The result is richer than it would have been without the consultation.

When You Do Not Have Professional Writing Experience

You may be used to putting out long-form blog posts in an informal writing style. However, you may be required to put out something in another format – perhaps a formal book proposal. Ghostwriters specialize in different areas, and you may need to work with one purely based on the required format. They know what is used to gauge the quality in that specific realm. You don’t need to be a specialist in everything. In other situations, the ghostwriter may be better at writing for a particular audience. They understand how to optimize content for that market. A ghostwriter minimizes the risk that the audience will not relate to your content.

When You Don’t Have Time to Write a Book

You have the desire to share your message and story. You’ve clearly got something worthwhile to say.  However, you are busy running your organization or focusing on other priorities. Hiring a ghostwriter can be the perfect solution. Instead of you having to commit days, weeks, even months to the writing process, a ghostwriter can interview you, record the interviews, and in just a few hours of your time, sometimes less, garner enough information to write your book.

Picking a Ghostwriter

Our editorial team can assist you in matching you with a ghostwriter. The cost of a ghostwriter will depend on the length of the project and the experience of the ghostwriter. Helping along the way might reduce the cost. Projects that take longer because of edits and revisions will also cost more, naturally. Most ghostwriting agreements have non-disclosure agreements between the writer and the client.

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