What Makes for a Successful Marketing Campaign?

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Recently the board chairman of one of my clients asked me to provide data on how each of the marketing initiatives I had recommended for this particular client was performing. I shared that this was a nearly impossible request. It’s like saying which of your body’s systems are performing the best, so that we can eliminate the underperforming ones. You can’t do it…at least not if you want to live! Your digestive system, the respiratory system, the endocrine and reproductive systems, these all work together to create a fully functioning human. So it is with marketing.

You do social media, you have a website, you do banner ads, or Google Ad words, you send eblasts, you put on seminars, you blog, and attend trade shows. Can you cost justify each effort individually? Sometimes. You might for instance, spend $5,000 exhibiting at a trade show, generate 24 prospect leads and convert three of those leads into a sale that generates $50,000 for your business—10-1 ROI. Not bad. But chances are, those prospects after hearing from you, went to check out your website. They may have read some of your customer testimonials or your most recent blog. They may not have even responded to your initial follow-up email or call had they not previously seen an eblast you put out about your services.

Do you need to always be evaluating the success of your individual marketing efforts? Yes, of course. But never forget that it’s the multiple impact of all your marketing efforts working together than leads to more brand awareness and positive response to your sales efforts. So to have a successful marketing campaign, remember to be consistently visible with your target audience. Look for multiple ways to “touch them” and offer them value even before they buy. For example…

  • Publish a book that positions you as a trustworthy expert
  • Blog consistently
  • Offer free reports
  • Send out consistent e-newsletters that offer value and not just pitch a product
  • Be active on social media—again offering value and not just comment on what you had for dinner or who you ran into at the mall
  • Write articles that are published in blogs and periodicals read by your target audience
  • Do webinars, teleseminars and podcasts
  • Speak in public
  • Host seminars and workshops
  • Offer to be interviewed on talk radio as a guest expert in your field

In all your marketing efforts remember to stay focused on reaching your most target audience, the people who will most likely become your raving fans. This is especially true if you have a limited budget or are just getting started.

Get all your marketing “systems” working together to build your brand and serve your prospective customers well—so that a good number of them decide to become actual customers!

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