The Power of Passion


The older I get, the more aware I am of my shortcomings. I am more and more aware of how many people there are who are just so much smarter and more determined than I am, and have achieved so much in this life. Maybe you feel like that sometimes too.

But I’m coming to appreciate a quality that I do posses that I think serves me well, and I think it would benefit you to embrace more in your own life. I’m talking about passion, the ability to communicate with energy, enthusiasm, belief, and conviction. I notice that people are drawn to people of passion.

When you speak to a group, or even just one-on-one, I encourage you to do so with a level of energy and enthusiasm. It’s infectious. People today are anxious, maybe downright worried. They’re distracted, stressed, overwhelmed. All of those symptoms can drain a person of any enthusiasm they may desire to muster. So when they encounter someone (you) who speaks with a light in their eyes, with energy and fervor, it stands out. It makes others feel better just to be around you. Even if they disagree with what you are saying, if you say it with passion you’ll fare better and see better results than if you communicate in a monotone or lackluster way.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Fake it till you make it.” Well, I’m not a big fan of faking anything, but there is truth behind the statement. Maybe you don’t feel so passionate about your topic, or even about life at the moment. But if you push yourself to communicate with a higher level of energy than you feel, I think you’ll not only see better results, you’ll find yourself being persuaded by your own conduct. Passion is infectious. Others want to have the kind of conviction that passion conveys. So next time you are speaking on a topic, make a point of ramping up your passion level. After all, the world could use a little more passion. So let it start today with you.

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