The Importance of Your Foundation and Structure

When an earthquake hits, a building’s ability to stand, to survive the shaking, comes down to two key things: how strong is the foundation and how supported is the internal structure. If the foundation is deep, built on solid rock and not sand, that’s a good start. But engineers know that the supporting structure, the strength of the internal beams or frame, how well they are braced is critical as well. I recently had the roof of my house redone, and the insurance company provided me a discount based on how well the shingles were fixed to the sub sheets of plywood. Supporting structure matters.

As we walk through the coronavirus crisis or any trouble for that matter, how you come through it depends on your foundation. How well you hold up amidst the external shaking depends on your support. What do I mean by the foundation? I’m talking about your beliefs, and the values upon which you have built your life. Your beliefs and values, these are your foundation, the things by which you live.  They are what give your life, meaning, and purpose.

If you are a person of faith, that faith, that belief system is central to your foundation. It’s what gets you excited about getting up in the morning.  It confirms why you exist. Maybe you would not consider yourself a religious or spiritual person. Still, it’s your core beliefs and values that provide the anchoring strength that holds you steady when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned or circumstances rock your world.  So let me ask you. How is your foundation?  Take some time of solitude to reflect on this. (Use social distancing to your advantage 😊)

How about your structures? Do you have the support systems in place you need to stand firm, even thrive in difficult times? Where would you be (physically) without your supporting skeletal system? You’d be a pile of muscle and goo on the floor, that’s where you’d be! Your body needs an adequately supported structure to hold you up. Who are the people in your life that provide you the strength to stand firm when tough times come? Your family? Your spouse? Close friends? Trusted confidants? You need people in your life you can lean on, look to, and go to for help.

Your BFF’s, the people you enjoy playing with may not be the people who give your life structure. Take time to evaluate who are the meaningful relationships that provide your life structure and support. Maybe in your consideration, you realize you need more of these people in your life. Good for you! Why not take some time, to reach out to these people, to thank them for being there for you. Let them know what they mean to you.

Let this season of shaking help you to become stronger, wiser, more grateful, and more spiritual. May this time of uncertainty cause you to connect more with others so that the rest of your life will flourish!

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