By: Andre Butler

Until you get this right, nothing else makes sense. Everything in life has a purpose – including YOU!  When you get it, when you discover in specific and practical terms why you exist, why you matter, everything else in life falls into place.Why go through life slugging it out merely surviving — existing.  You were made for so much more!This small but powerful book will help you:§      Discover your passion, your anointing, and your purpose on earth.§  L Learn how to tune into God in a way that works.§      Keep arrogance, temptation, and disappointment from blocking the pathway to living in your purpose.§      Make the most of your gifts and talents.§  F Find what you need to persevere through difficult times.What are you waiting for?

About the Author: 

Andre’ Butler is lead pastor at Faith Xperience Church – a vibrant faith community located in the heart of the Motor City.  Andre’ is on a mission to share God’s desire to prosper His people in every area of their lives. Andre’ is a gifted leader, teacher and sought-after speaker. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management from Kennesaw State University and is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center.  He is married to Tiffany and together they have three beautiful daughters.

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