W.O.W. Factor

W.O.W. Factor
By: Chris Gingrasso

Why go through your day ho-hum when WOW is possible? WOW Factor provides you with compelling insights on 52 common words – words that can shape your week and just maybe your future. Through this book you will gain insight from proven leaders, top-performers, people who have risen to the top of their class and now want to share their insights with you. Read just one word, one chapter each week. Ponder it, chew on it, embrace it. Own it. Let the insights seep into your soul and provide that spark of insight, energy and inspiration you need to unleash the truly standout performer within you. May today be the beginning of a remarkable, wow-experience for you.

About the Author: 

Chris Gingrasso is a gifted speaker, author and motivator. He is a national sales consultant who loves challenging and motivating people to live into their highest potential. WOW Factor is his brainchild. Chris has worked tirelessly to assemble a team of some of the sharpest minds in business and industry to share their unique insights with you. Chris currently lives in Central Florida with his wife Heather and their four children.

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