Voice Beyond Weeping

Voice Beyond Weeping
By: Roberta Damon

Who you are is shaped by where you’ve been For better or worse, our family, our heritage, our childhood experiences shape us. How often have you found that your strengths as well as your insecurities, fears, and flaws have deep roots in the story of your past. Here, Roberta Damon masterfully and poignantly takes you on a journey of discovery from her upbringing in the Depression-era dust plains of Oklahoma. Through the telling, Damon skillfully slips back and forth through time and her subtle choice of events provide both causes and results to become obvious tools for you to assess your own story of pain, suffering, and victory. You will find yourself thoroughly engaged in the gripping telling of this story including the discovery of the third of the author’s three mothers, her growth from infancy to significant adulthood set against the backdrop of faith and redemption.

About the Author: 

Roberta Damon has spent her adult life helping make the Bible come alive to those she knows and loves. She holds both a seminary degree and a doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy. Roberta served on a church staff as a marriage and family counselor for more than 30 years. Prior to this work, she and her husband Bill served as missionaries to Brazil. Roberta grew up in Oklahoma and Virginia and is the proud mother of two sons and three delightful grandchildren.

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