Vertical Leap

Vertical Leap
By: Al Hollingsworth

There’s more at stake for success than your personal happincss. God’s plan for the world includes you. For the sake of the king.1om, go forth and fulfill your destiny! Vertical Leap will equip you to receive a dream, vision, or idea from God — in detail, take a calculated risk at the right time, identify and remove blockages from the past, solve personal problems that block success, go from talk to doing.

About the Author: 

Al Hollingsworth founded and operates a multimillion-dollar contract packaging business, whose clients include General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Procter & Gamble. His success in business has enabled him to develop Christian Business Ministries, B.O.S.S the Movement for inner-city youth, and Albatti Christian Resort in themountains above Palm Springs. He has appeared on TBN and CBN and conducts seminars regularly at the TBN studios.


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