Untapped Power of a Man

Untapped Power of a Man
By: Dr. Phillip M Davis

YOU HAVE A SECRET SOURCE OF POWER!There’s far more to you than meets the eye. Most men go through life living far below their potential – never fully using the incredible power available to them. How do you tap into this unseen force that can cause you to live life beyond your wildest dreams? This book is the key to unlocking power; giving you access to more strength, courage and conviction than ever before.Learn how to unleash this power to bring blessings to:• Your work • Your community • Your finances• Your children • Your spouse • Your future!

About the Author: 

Dr. Phillip M. Davis was passionate about seeing men step into their potential. Prior to his passing, he was CEO of Phillip Davis Ministries (PDM), a personal and professional leadership development and coaching organization designed to help individuals and organizations improve their performance and enhance their quality of life. PDM is now headed by Dr. Davis’ son, R.J. Davis. R.J. Davis is also senior pastor of Nations Ford Community Church of Charlotte, NC, the church founded by his father. Nations Ford Community Church is home to the Male Leadership Academy, Nations Ford Christian Academy, and Queen City Bible College. Dr. Davis was the author of two previous books, The Vision Casting Congregation and The Father Force, Changing the World, One Life At A Time, from which this book was adapted and updated.For more information visit www.untappedpowerofaman.com.

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