Unrequested Blessings

Dear Abishag
By: Roberta Damon

\u201cThe baby will be normal,\u201d were words prophesied to Don and Kathy Hess as they awaited the birth of their fourth child. And though Molly was born with multiple disabilities, these became words they chose to live by. The Hesses journey of simple faith and belief, despite seeing little visible healing in Molly\u2019s life, will challenge you. Molly never walked or talked, yet in many ways she defined the value of life for her family and community. The Hess family dared to believe for Molly to be changed only to discover the greatest change occurred in the hearts of those who were blessed to connect with her. That God could deeply touch the hearts of so many through one who never spoke a word is truly astounding.

About the Author: 

Don Hess enjoys writing, travel, and carries a heart for
nations. He has developed and owned multiple businesses
including commercial real estate and agricultural
ventures. Don has been involved in various forms of
Christian ministry including pastoral ministry and short-term
mission teams, and he serves on multiple non-profit
ministry boards. Don is married to Kathy and together
they have raised five children; Joseph, Kalah, Emily, Molly,
and Matthew.

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