Many books have been written on the subject of faith, how to get it and apply it. What makes this book most unique is the fact that the illustrations and examples are both visual and practical, stemming from the author’s first-hand experience. This is not a “theological book”, thought the writing is well grounded in sound theology. This is an “application book” where the reader will be challenged in practical ways to access and apply the faith they have been given in new and deeper ways. The author’s contention is that man was put on this earth for two core reasons as expressed in the book of Genesis: to have intimate fellowship with God and to see God’s Kingdom extended on earth as it is in heaven. The author contends that living with and apply their God-given faith is a key to experiencing both of these callings in greater measure.

About the Author:

Abner Suarez is the founder and president of For Such A Time As This, Inc, a non-profit ministry dedicated to seeing spiritual transformation happen not only in the lives of individual believers but entire faith communities.

He is an ordained minister with the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening. He holds a Master of Education degree from Campbell University and a Master of Ministry degree from the Wagner Leadership Institute. Abner is also an avid reader, sports fan, and coffee drinker.


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