The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life

The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life
By: Phil Willingham

The author’s goal is to help others become aware of the destructive “self-talk” they listen; the voice that keeps them from living at the level of purpose and promise that God intends. In addition, the book will provide the reader with direction on how to train their inner voice to speak in agreement with the truth of God’s Word. Dr. Phil will teach the reader how to recognize when their self-talk is not in alignment with God’s truth and train the reader to listen, monitor and when necessary change the channel – resulting in a life of greater promise, joy, fulfillment and success.

About the Author: 

Doctor Phil Willingham was born in Huntsville, Alabama. At the age of sixteen, Phil was in an car accident that would lead to major changes and challenges in his life. It was during these early years of his life and often much isolation from others that Phil developed a strong awareness of his own self -talk. Phil has spent the last 42 years teaching, leading, evangelizing and pastoring all across the United States. Dr. Phil currently is serving as the Lead Pastor of Heartland Christian Center in Valparaiso Indiana. Doctor Phil was educated at the Christian Life School of Theology and Beacon University earning 2 master’s degrees and a Doctorate. He and his wife Rhonda have been married for 40 years. They have 3 children Sunshine, Matthew, Amber and 5 grandchildren.

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