Teleios Man: Your Ultimate Identity

Teleios Man: Your Ultimate Identity

by: Larry Titus 

Teleios is Greek for complete, finished, perfection.  It’s the word Jesus used on the cross when he said, It is finished.  The teleios man is the finished, complete man who mirrors the perfection of Christ in every part of his life – who can set an example for generations to follow. The Teleios Man is written for the man who wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and thinks about who he wants to be for his wife, his kids, his co-workers, himself, and, most importantly, the man he wants to be before God. The responsibility of it all can be so overwhelming he may wish that he could just climb back into bed and go back to sleep. That’s why he needs to read The Teleios Man and receive the empowering encouragement and wisdom that Larry Titus has to share as he mentors men to be the godly, mature, balanced husbands, fathers, and leaders they were born to be!



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