Surviving Tough Times

Surviving Tough Times
By: David Kateeba

Learn to survive in order to thrive! Pastor David Kateeba brings his articulate, practical and doable counsel to life inside this book from the many years of studying the word of God and ministering to people. Pastor David’s leadership in everyday life, his broad spectrum of social-economic backgrounds and cultures is well distilled into the pages of this book. He shows you how to seek God’s word first to understand how to keep your faith strong during the most difficult of times! “When times are hard, and faith is waning, and hopes of pulling through adversity are tapering thin, when the zest for life is in short supply and everybody except you seems to be making headway in their varied endeavors, it increasingly becomes less of a priority for you to think of thriving. What becomes of the essence is survival.” -David Kateeba

About the Author: 

David Kateeba, along with his wife Nicola, are the founders of Destiny Christian Ministries in the UK, and Destiny Upliftment Centers in Uganda. In these vibrant and multifaceted Ministries, he is regularly heard speaking out of a deep wellspring of experience and the wisdom that could only be accrued through the three-and-a-half-decade span in active ministry that David has under his belt.
He is an accomplished songwriting musician and his marriage is blessed with two sons, two daughters, and a grandson.

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