Sold or Saved

Sold or Saved
By: Mary Hutchinson

In Moldova, the orphanages were packed and on June 1 of the year a child turned 16, they were sent away. Nowhere to go and no one waiting for them and only a ninth grade education. Sex Traffickers know this and would jump at the chance to trick the girls into becoming sex slaves. One such orphan that I loved dearly named Stella fell into this fate. By the time I found her, she had died at the age of 19 from HIV. I felt unbearable pain and have devoted myself to making sure this does not happen to another girl that I know. This is how the first Stella’s House began. This book is a collection of stories from the orphans in Philip Cameron Ministries care. Not every story has a happy ending. As you read them, you will cry and you will feel anger, but I promise you, you will also feel hope. You will see how a little hope and a big God can change the life of a child. In these pages, you’ll meet 11 girls from Stella’s House, two boys from Simon’s House and 3 children from Providence House.

About the Author: 

Mary is the president of Inspired DirectMissionary-Evangelist Philip Cameron is a preacher, singer, author and founder of a far-reaching international ministry that has impacted nations such as his native Scotland, Romania, Moldova and beyond. In 1976, Philip married his home-town sweetheart, Chrissie, in Peterhead, Scotland and they now live in Montgomery, Alabama. They have four children: Philip, Melody, Andrew and Lauren.

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