Releasing the Prophetic Destiny in Philadelphia

Releasing the Prophetic Destiny in Philadelphia
By: Maurine McFarlane

Philadelphia was once a city that embraced the spirit of love, but as crime and poverty infiltrated the populace, it steadily became a city that is today filled with desolation and hate. Under a mandate from heaven to rebuild Philadelphia’s fatherless, underprivileged society, author Maurine McFarlane eagerly holds up the arms of existing ministries in Philadelphia while initiating fresh biblical directives to rebuild and restore. In this gripping book, you will learn about the city’s heritage, the societal dynamics which have adversely affected it, and the actions necessary to bring about change. Release the Prophetic Destiny in Philadelphia is a spiritually authoritative book for those who are hungry to help, eager to pray, and carry a fire in their soul to win the battle for righteousness in their neighborhood, community, and home. This book is for every person who has a deep desire to see Philadelphia truly restored to its original destiny, The City of Brotherly Love.

About the Author: 

Maurine McFarlane is a financial consultant. She is actively involved in monitoring the operations of Lighthouse Covenant International, a humanitarian organization. Maurine is a highly motivated individual who enjoys challenges and fast-paced environments.

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