Project Revamp

Project Revamp
By: Blane Morgage

Sometimes you don’t discover who you are until it’s too late…almost! Earth is at the verge of total annihilation. The fate of the human population lies in the hands of a college student named Josh Hamilton and the love of his life, Shelly. After being kidnapped by NASA, Josh and Shelly embark on a journey across the cosmos to an alien planet named Therosis. It was there they learn the truth about human existence and what is required of them to save Earth. In this sci-fi thriller you will encounter wormholes, new forms of regenerative light, insight into Earth\u2019s origin and past, Diamond asteroids and more. This is a free-fall adventure where fantasy and fact, science and fiction collide – or do they? The odds are stacked against them. Can Josh and his friends save us? Or, is it too lat

About the Author: 

Blane spent his childhood in upstate New York.
However after blizzard of 1977, where the government
declared a federal disaster area, the family had enough
of the snow and ice and moved to sunny Southwest
Florida where Blane still resides.
Blane enjoys golf, playing his acoustic guitar, and of
course writing and storytelling.
You can connect with him at

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