Prince of the Sand

Prince of the Sand
By: Jim Carroll

A GRIPPING CONCLUSION TO THIS 3-BOOK SERIES “We’re transferring funds to your Shia friends at a rate of more than two billion dollars a month. I’ve been ordered to do so by the Supreme Leader. Given our current economic situation, we cannot afford this, but I have no choice. The money is transmitted to an offshore account in the Caymans…” Although he is still entrenched in the Kuwaiti Parliament, Yusef is finally home in Kuwait and at peace, or so it seems…until he is ordered to follow the money. Hurtled into the limelight by forces he cannot control, he finds himself, yet again, in conflict and danger. A Christian of influence in a staunchly Muslim world, he faces political, moral, and legal strife at every turn. Before he knows it, he is meeting Tahara, the beautiful Qatari reporter again, hopeful that she may be the “one,” but even then, sinister forces threaten his bliss. Only “Allah” knows who will become prince of the sand. A deadly game is in play, and winner takes all!

About the Author: 

Jim Carroll is a physician on the faculty at the Medical College of Georgia and an elder at First Presbyterian Church. He is the author of Faith in Crisis. He lives in Augusta, Georgia.

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