Outside The Gates

Outside The Gates

The Need for Theology, History, and Practice of Chaplaincy Ministries

by: Robert Crick

Have you ever had a friend who, out of nowhere, seemed to drop off the planet? You thought about calling but just got busy… And when you finally called, you found out that he or she was going through a divorce, battling an addiction, or drowning in depression and contemplating suicide? You think to yourself, If he would have just asked for help. People who need the most help rarely ask for it. You can find them in hospitals, in prison, or in the ghetto. You can also find them where you work, where you play, anywhere. They’re hurting. They’re suffering. And they need YOUR help. In his new book, Outside the Gates, Dr. Robert Crick empowers you to comfort the broken hearted, provide for the needy, and enlighten the blind, by engaging in Chaplaincy Ministries. Outside the Gates invites you to remember: God rescued you from outside the gates so that one day you could return to rescue others!


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