Memoirs of Doctor Dog

Memoirs of Doctor Dog
By: Bruce Keene

It’s amazing what we can learn from animals … From summers at his grandparent’s farm to serving the community through animal care as the local veterinarian, Dr. Keene spins heart­warming stories that do more than just entertain. These memoirs are rich with anecdotes and insights on how to care for your pets, for others, and yourself. God loves all creatures great and small and surprisingly He can use the life and love of animals to teach and inspire us to become the best versions of ourselves possible. Take a journey through the colorful memories of Dr. Keene as he cared for all different types of animals, from pigs to parrots, cats, dogs, snakes, skunks, horses, cows and everything in betwee

About the Author: 

Dr. Bruce Keene loves the outdoor life and working with animals. From his childhood experience on a farm he decided to become a farm veterinarian. In Veterinarian College, Keene shifted his focus to small animal care. After graduation he opened a veterinary practice that blossomed into multiple locations. During his many years of successful practice, Keene was involved with the YMCA, the Rotary Club, and retired greyhounds. Now retired after 56 years, Dr. Keene loves to share his stories with others. He and his wife Barbara live in Winter Park, FL.

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