By: Suzanne Linett

Suzanne Linett provides the reader with an understanding of
the Hebrew definitions of many of the names and words used in
Scripture that provide insight into the meaning and intent not clearly
understood in English.

In addition, insight is given into Jewish culture and manner of worship
that give context to the teaching of our Lord and Messiah and
understanding that cannot be obtained solely through study of the
English translation

About the Author: 

Suzanne Linett was born into a Jewish family and attended local synagogues as she pursued her education and obtained a degree in occupational therapy from the University of Southern California. She continued to work in that field providing services for children with special needs until her retirement in 2019 after a 43-year career. She accepted her Messiah and Lord in 1981. She obtained her ministerial license in 2012 and ordination in 2014. Currently, she serves on staff as a member of Calvary Faith Center Foursquare Church and is also the leader of Devar Shalom –Word of Peace, a Messianic ministry designed to bring Jewish and Gentile believers together in understanding of the whole Word of God.

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