Keys to the White House

Keys to the White House
By: Robert Boguslaw

First trained at the University of Miami in the late ‘70s, Bob quickly found himself playing piano and keyboard with various bands throughout the Miami area, eventually moving to performing on cruise ships.

By the mid-‘80s, he was travelling with pop stars such as Jose Luis Rodriguez, or “El Puma.” But the quest for fame lost its allure for Bob, and he decided to return to college to pursue a master’s degree in piano performance at the University of Kentucky (before receiving higher degrees).

Afterward, Bob found himself joining the Marine Corps as a member of the “President’s Own” Marine Band, which provided him an up-close view of many historic US events both at the White House and abroad.

Within, journey with Bob to stages in Latin America with more than ten-thousand screaming fans to treaty signings to state dinners and presidential inaugurations.

This world-class pianist has played all over the world for rock fans, presidents, foreign leaders, as well as students and everyday music lovers. He’s also played for some of the biggest names in music today, stars who represent myriad genres. From Renee Fleming to Kid Rock, Bob’s style is versatile and accomplished. Read Keys to the

Trim:  6 x 9
Pages: 406

By: Robert Boguslaw

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