Keys to an Amazing Life

Keys to an Amazing Life
By: Daniel Taddeo

How do you get the most out of life? Here is a biblical approach to living well in a world that is moving farther and farther away from time-honored, even sacred principles that can help us not just get by but actually succeed and thrive in life. You can experience success in life, not based on having everything go your way – that is simply not reality for most people. This book will share truths that can make a positive, even life-changing difference in the way you live, the quality of life you can enjoy. Gain wisdom on topics such as: • Right versus Wrong • Getting Along with Others • Dealing with Stress • The Power of Forgiveness • Building Character • Marriage and Relationships • Growing in Patience • Procrastination And many other practical topics…

About the Author: 

Daniel Taddeo has lived his life well – a retired veteran who served in the Korean War, Daniel was one of the first of his family to get a college education. He was an accomplished teacher and the author of multiple books. Daniel is the son of an Italian immigrant who came to America as a teenager. Daniel has three grown sons of his own.

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