Jesus’ Little One

Jesus’ Little One
By: William Johnson

What does heaven look like? How does God speak to us? Read, listen, and learn! It’s hard to believe such power, such insight, such wisdom can come from someone so small andfrail. Through her petite five-foot, ninety-eight pound frame, Joan Johnson lived a life of communion with God. Though her body was wracked with illness and suffering, her spirit soared. Jesus named her the Little One because of her small frame. And yet the spiritual truth and beauty she beheld, she lived, and she shared can touch your own souland awaken in you a longing for a closer, more intimate walk with Jesus!

About the Author: 

F. William Johnson is a retired Anderson, Indiana, General Motors product engineering manager who introduced the lighter weight, lower cost plastics and the unique retracting headlamps in many automotive applications. He has written many magazine articles including the award-winning Bottoming Out, in Reminisce Magazine. A native of Martinsville, Indiana, and a graduate of Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana, he now lives in Ft. Myers, Florida.


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