Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis
By: Jack Hoke

Many people grow up hearing negative things said about them, which can cause lasting damage to their self esteem and confidence in who they are. This almost always leads to an identity crisis in the persons life during adulthood. Now, these people can find the study of healing in Identity Crisis and learn how to discover their true identity. Contrary to popular belief, this process does not revolve around managing their behavior. Author, Jack Hoke says to his readers, I hope – as you meditate on the following Scriptures, stories, and reflective questions – that the True Identity of who Christ says you are becomes a reality… The Identity Crisis ends. The journey with your new Identity begins. It is a journey that never ends. Enter. And enjoy.

About the Author: 

Jack Hoke is a man who was raised in a two parent household, yet had a very dysfunctional childhood. He tried everything imaginable to find love, but only found destruction. He needed to find his true identity and did in the Lord Jesus Christ. He now resides in the beautiful rolling hills of Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.

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