Hot Spot

Hot Spot
By: Jim Carroll

A TURBULENT MODERN STORY IN AN ANCIENT LAND At age sixteen, Yusef plans to fulfill his dreams. As a young Kuwaiti Christian, he is eager to influence not just the people living in his own region but to travel abroad. “My default posture was one of prideful superiority as I waited for everyone to catch up with my ambition and plans for the future. I couldn’t wait to draw the geographic and economic map of my future. Strange for an adolescent, but there it was.” Like his biblical namesake, Yusef has dreams, dreams that encompass the entire Middle East. With God’s Psalms resonating in his soul, Yusef journeys from Kuwait to London and finally, Iran.  There, his greatest fears are waiting. Little does he realize just how intense, how severe and how dangerous his situation will beome, as his dreams lead him into reality. And that reality includes imprisonment, death threats, romance, intrigue and loss. This second book in the “Kuwait Trilogy Series” will take you on a thrill-ride. You’ll learn about the people and culture of the Middle East and gain an awareness of the spiritual forces at play in the clash of Christian and Islamic cultures.

About the Author: 

The Carroll family served as missionaries in Kuwait where Jim was a physician aiding the local people. The  Iraqis attacked on August 2, 1990. When the US Embassy was besieged by Iraqi soldiers, Jim was held captive for more than four months. Jim has worked and traveled extensively in the Middle East. His first-hand experiences in that region fuel his passion to share his stories with others. Jim and his wife, Shirley, live in Augusta, Georgia. They have been married for 50+ years with eight children and fifteen grandchildren. Jim serves on the faculty at the Medical College of Georgia and as an elder at First Presbyterian Church. To contact Jim and learn about his other published books go to:

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