Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear
By: Charlene Miles

We all face challenges in life…some are routine, others can be catastrophic. When you find yourself facing what seems to be an uphill battle, how do you handle it? The choices you make can mean the difference between being miserable and thriving. This book shares the story of Jennifer Rose, as told by Jen herself (posthumously) along with her mom, Charlene, and husband, Bryan. In these pages you will find strength, encouragement, and hope to deal with whatever battle or struggle you may be facing.

About the Author: 

Charlene Miles was born in Northeast Ohio in the small town of Hubbard. She grew up in a hardworking blue-collar family where faith and family were taught throughout her life. She spent her career since 1976 working in and around the medical industry. In 1994 Charlene married Tom and they moved to Oviedo, Florida where they have been residents for twenty-five years.

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