Battle of Who Rules our Flesh

The struggle for holinessis a lifetime battle, but through Christ the victory is assured.Jesus told us that because He overcame the world, we also shallovercome.There are two kingdoms at work in the world today: the kingdomof Babylon and God’s kingdom. Understanding the two kingdomsis essential, for Babylon is man’s “great city of self-rule” and God’skingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. God isbringing in eternal righteousness, and His new creation is the wholepurpose of God in the earth, as He brings His people to the mountainof the Lord and ends sin and transgression.

About the Author:

Dr. Sharon Hanson was born-again at the age of nine years old and filled with the Holy Spirit soon after. In 1987 she received a call “To Teach My People How To Fight Amalek” (Esau’s Grandson, Love ofFlesh). Dr. Hanson attended Hamline University for three years and received her bachelor’s teachingdegree from North Dakota State University. Sharon was ordained and received her Masters and Doctorof Theology (Th.D.) from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology. She is the mother of threechildren and grandmother of six precious gifts from the Lord. Her testimony during her life are illustrations of the revelations.


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