Bubba The Coughing Bee

BUBBA THE COUGHING BEE (Otherwise known as the bee who had a very bad cold) was wildly popular amongst patients in a children’s hospital for many years. The author, Matthew Badeaux, finally decided (20 years later) it was time that everyone have the opportunity to experience this first book in the series, THE ADVENTURES OF BUBBA. Now, everyone can enjoy reading and/or listening to “BUBBA THE COUGHING BEE (Otherwise known as the bee who had a very bad cold.)” BUBBA THE COUGHING BEE is perfect for the parent and child who are looking for a good bedtime story with lots of beautifully illustrated pictures. Or maybe they want a great chapter book that has a little adventure, humor and some entertaining creatures that have their own way of looking at life’s many problems.


Teachers, Counselors, Librarians, Psychiatrists or Therapists will also love using THE ADVENTURES OF BUBBA as tools for talking points like: bullying, avoidant behavior’s, conflictual relationship’s, anger management, coping
with fears or other issues we may face.

Very soon, all of THE ADVENTURES OF BUBBA will be available in the EBOOK and the audio versions. And, eventually there will be a 9 book volume!
At this time, whether you order the EBOOK or the Audio, I hope you enjoy Matthew Badeaux’s first book in the series, BUBBA THE COUGHING BEE (Otherwise known as the bee who had a very bad cold.) The other books in the series will be released as soon as they are produced and edited.
Oh, the next BUBBA will be entitled, BUBBA THE CLUMSY BEE. Go to this website to find out when it’s going to be released…

Happy reading or listening,

Matthew Badeaux



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