7 Pillars of Parenting

7 Pillars of Parenting
by: Linda Horton

The Seven Pillars of Parenting: Raising a Champion Child in a World Without Boundaries by Linda Horton

So here’s the next best thing: a simple, straightforward guide that will put you on the path for turning out truly spectacular kids! Oh sure, there are hundreds of parenting advice books out there filled with loads of psychobabble and techniques. But there must be some foundational principles, that when consistently applied, will dramatically increase your level of peace in the home and the likelihood that your children will grow up well and turn out right! In the end, isn’t that what we all want as parents? The Seven Pillars of Parenting will give you sound, godly advice, and practical solutions to help you with toughest parenting topics. This book will be a trusted source of encouragement and direction whether you’re a new, seasoned, expectant, or simply exhausted parent. If you’re at the end of your rope and military school seems like a viable option, or you’ve decided that winging it is a good idea, read on. This book is for anyone who has a family that can use some direction or change. It shows you how to parent so that your children, the next generation, can become successful adults-and one day be great parents themselves.



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