Is Your Brand Contagious? Keys to Standing Out in a Crowded Market

group meeting to discuss brandAuthors may struggle to understand the need to invest in creating a brand. However, an author’s brand is just as important as that of an athlete or a trainee management consultant. The goal is to create an affinity to help sell books, skills, or merchandise. In a crowded market, where content bombards people in multiple forms, authors must be very strategic about branding. Today, more than any other point in history, it’s almost impossible to target everyone. Authors must do certain things to create a contagious brand, one that stands out. 

So what is a “contagious brand”?  It’s one that can grow organically. It’s a brand for a product or service that is authentic, that resonates with the brand’s followers. It’s a brand that causes people to feel good about themselves when they identify with your product or service. Contagious brands are ones that promote word-of-mouth expansion.  In short, if a brand is authentic, contagious, and resonates with followers, those followers will naturally tell their friends about the product or service.  The more a brand identity spread virally, organically, naturally, the less you have to spend in marketing and promotions to see the brand expand.

Developing a Unique Writing Voice

As an author, it’s important to realize or perhaps choose your own unique writing voice. Some authors do it so well that some readers will immediately realize a few paragraphs into reading their work blindly. It takes time, but it’s what the best authors do to create a contagious brand. Some authors are great at creating tense and unsettling scenarios. Others are good at vivid descriptions of characters and scenes. You need to sharpen your own writing voice. There will be a given segment in the market drawn to it.

Carving Out a Niche

Almost every writer must decide on a genre or subgenre on which to focus. This goes hand-in-hand with the writing voice. It can be a factor of many things, including the era and environment into which you are born and what’s popular at that point in time. Influences from what you read in the past also play into this choice.

Choice of niche goes as far as choosing the form in which to write. Some authors flourish in doing short stories and selling them as collections.

Developing Knowledge Beyond Just Interest and Passion

Once you settle on a specific niche or genre, you must hone your skill. This is done through research. Read other people’s work in the area and appreciate the amount of work that has been put into every piece.

Some of the most successful writers of legal thrillers have been lawyers. Madeline Miller, a classic novel writer, has an MA in Classical Literature from Brown University. You do not need to go to school to be successful in every genre. However, you must do major research to have demonstrable expertise.

Work with Experts in Contagious Brand Building

You need to work with experts to plan and execute a brand strategy. All aspects of your brand need to be handled professionally. For instance, a social media strategy will increase your awareness, which will impact your sales once you publish something. The same goes for having a publicist to get media appearances and interview opportunities for you.

The printing needs to be of high quality. The cover must also be well-thought-out. It will create a positive image even in the eyes of people who do not know the author’s previous work.

If you have a marketing budget, a marketing partner will help you spend on the most impactful work. At Higherlife Publishing & Marketing, we work with authors to create an authentic, clear, and compelling brand story. We help you create a contagious brand that aligns with the true distinction and power behind who you are and what you have to offer.

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