How you respond makes all the difference…

I spent time recently with a dear friend who is struggling with cancer…she’s been in this fight for seven years. Whenever we are confronted with real human trauma, it reminds us just how fragile life is. We get so easily wrapped around the axle over things that really don’t matter.

Just this morning I was fussing (mostly to myself) about needing to install a new dishwasher, paint the upstairs bathroom and fix a shelf in the kitchen that I just don’t have time to get to…first world problems. These are things that in the grand scheme of things don’t matter. Why let these “little things” rob us of our joy or cause us to lose focus on doing things that really matter in life?

Right now you are facing some challenges. I know that because everybody has things in life that they need to tackle. We all got issues! The question though is not how serious or numerous are your issues but how will you respond to them.

We can’t choose our circumstances. We can only choose our response.

So today, my encouragement to you is to lift up your head, smile, be grateful for who you are and what you have and choose to respond well to whatever life throws at you. Your attitude affects your outlook.

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