Are you ready to market your book effectively?

With this book you will find...

  • Advice on how identify your target audience
  • Expert tips on how to create specific calls to action
  • Guidance on internet sales marketing...and more!

The HigherLife Difference

"As someone new to the world of book publishing, David Welday has been a Godsend to me. His approach is relational, challenging, and produces results. I can state without reservation the final product would not be as excellent without David’s services."

Abner Suarez, Founder and President, For Such a Time as This, Inc.

"David Welday oozes marketing! Not only did David and his staff produce outstanding marketing materials, but watching him at work has transformed how I communicate with clients. He has raised my awareness to think like a client instead of a business owner. Rather than trying to tell clients the features of my services, I now try to highlight how those services will benefit them."

Kathy Thomas, Principal, Master’s Mind Strategies

"HigherLife Publishing & Marketing focused on my best interest as one of their authors. Each person, at every level in the publishing process, is courteous and professional. You will never regret signing on with HigherLife."

Cynthia N. Dunbar Author/Speaker/Attorney/Constructional Consultant

Congratulations on your decision to become a published author!

David Welday wrote this book to give you a “big picture” vision for what it will take to truly have long-term impact in the market. This should be your goal.

Don’t sell yourself or your message short; think big. In addition to understanding what it will take to build awareness and market share for your message, your product or service, and your brand, we want to give you tactical, practical steps on how to get some initial market traction, potentially selling thousands and hopefully tens of thousands of copies of your book.

What every publisher knows, and more and more authors are coming to understand, is that it is what the author does that has the most impact on the overall sales of a book. This book will give you direction on what you can do to market your message and get your book in the hands of thousands.


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