Do you want to increase your likelihood of selling your book?

Did you know the average number of copies a self-published author sells is 150?

How is it that some authors with great content don't make the cut, while others sell thousands of books?

At HigherLife we are big believers in the “power of story”. So we thought you might appreciate reading how one woman, Roberta Damon, sold about 1,500 copies of her book on her own in less than six months.

If she can do it, so can you!

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Dear Author: Welcome to the wonderful world of publishing!

It used to be that authors would work hard to attract the attention of a publisher. If they were fortunate enough to do that and land a publishing contract, the assumption was their work was largely done and now the responsibility for actually selling the book would shift to the publisher.

But that was then…

These day’s publishers are looking for authors who know how to sell books. And authors who elect to self-publish or pursue a hybrid publishing model recognize that if their book is going to sell, it’s going to be largely up to them to make that happen. So how does an author market and sell their own book? I’m glad you asked!

One of our clients, Roberta Damon came to us for some marketing strategy and advice. We were of course glad to help. Roberta heeded our advice and got busy. Her results I thought were pretty impressive, so I asked Roberta if she wouldn’t mind sharing a bit of her story with other authors. We hope you find this resource helpful.

As always, if there is anything HigherLife can do to help you in your own publishing and marketing journey, please let us know!

David W. Welday III, President, HigherLife Publishing & Marketing

Find Out How One Woman Sold 1500 Books in 6 Months!