How a Book Can Generate More Clients and Revenue, Even if You Give it Away

Most authors I know who write a book feel the need to tell the reader everything they know about a subject. I contend that’s the wrong way to write a book. Why? Because what you have to offer your customer is way too much to be packaged in just one book. A better strategy is to use the book to generate awareness and interest in what you have to offer, to gain media attention, and to position yourself as a “thought leader” and expert in your field. Let your book generate readers who are motivated to pursue a deeper, more robust engagement with you.

For example, look at this inverted pyramid.

At the top level, I write a book on How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days! But don’t use the book to tell me in detail how to do that –use the book to motivate me to want to do it! Share testimonials with me. Convince me that I can do it. Tell me how great I’ll feel, how good I’ll look when I do it. Give me enough information to assure me that you know what you’re talking about, but don’t tell me everything I need to know to actually go and do it, because even if you did, most people won’t. Rather, use the book to gain an audience and motivate them to connect with you at a deeper level. At the end of your book, offer the reader $100 off your 4-week weight loss program that normally sells for $300. Most people need more data and support than you can give them in a book, so don’t try. Create a 6-DVD set of videos plus meal cards, menu planner, workout bands, etc. Let your book be the motivator to make me want to lose weight and drive me to a more robust financial commitment with you where I will spend more time (and money) with you to actually work your program.

And then of course, some people will take it even further and go beyond purchasing your weight loss program to actually hiring you as their personal trainer. So you move people from a $20 book to a $200 course to a $2,000 personal training program! That’s the way to use a book as part of an overall customer recruitment (marketing) and engagement (product development) strategy.

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