January 17, 2017



– Muriel Rukeyser


Individuals, businesses, and organizations all have a story to tell. Whether you’re an author, non-profit leader, or a CEO, we believe in the power of your story to change everything. How well that story is understood, embraced, and shared is crucial to your success.

HigherLife is here to help…



Your brand is the story you’re telling the world, and it needs to be authentic, clear, and compelling to get passed around. Our proven Creating a Contagious Brand process allows you and your team to come into alignment around the true power of your brand.



We publish stories that make a difference. Retain your publishing rights and benefit from a full team of editors, designers, marketing strategists, and even ghostwriters who know how to develop and distribute your message well and in multiple, media-friendly formats.



How do you cut through the noise of our media-saturated culture? Even the most compelling stories need to be heard to be effective. Our Story Marketing Strategies help you leverage the power of your story to effectively connect with your target audience… and get results!



Even when you are good at what you do, it’s easy to find yourself stuck in the weeds of running the day-to-day. Coaching around your story works. Find out how our Accelerate Coaching and Publishing Coaching programs provide the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

    Do you have a message that will make the world a better place? Do you have a story that will connect you with your target audience, a story that needs to be told? Let us help you! HigherLife is a leading multi-media publishing, marketing and brand development company with the capacity to elevate and amplify your message in a wide range of platforms (books, ebooks, video, curriculum, phone apps, etc.) to help you reach the widest possible audience.

    In order to both inform you on the publishing process and help us know best how we can partner with you, please fill in this simple questionnaire to help us to catch the vision for your message.


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    1. WHY did you write this message? Why do you believe this message is important? What was the compelling belief, vision or mission that motivated you to write this? Give us a bit of the back story that led to you wanting to publish this message.

    2. WHO is your intended audience? Think about the typical person to whom you are writing--their age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc. What are their common interests, common challenges, and common experiences? The more specific you are the better. You may even have a primary audience and a secondary audience in mind. If so, list both.

    3. HOW will this message benefit the reader? You know what your book is about, but focus here on how will your book help the reader? How will your message help make their life better? What does your book promise that makes someone want to plunk down their hard-earned lunch money to pay for what you have to say?

    4. WHAT is your unique message? What are you going to say that hasn't been said before or how are you going to say it differently? What will make your book compelling to read? Give us your “elevator speech”; that one or two sentence summary that best describes exactly what your book is about, who it’s for and how it will help the reader.

    5. WHERE can you find your target audience? What marketing opportunities do you bring to the table? What contacts, endorsements, key connections, media access do you have that could be leveraged to help get your message out to the intended audience? How many copies do you anticipate ordering in the first
    year? How committed are you to promoting the message of this book once it comes out


    1. At the moment do you have? (Check one):
    A completed manuscript (please provide)A sample chapter and outline only (please provide)An outline only (please provide)

    2. What is your current working title for you manuscript or message?

    3. Have you ever been published before?
    YesNo(please provide specifics on the publisher’s name, the date published, the amount printed and current quantity unsold and on-hand.)

    4. Do you own full publishing rights to your material?(If no, please provide specifics on who owns the publishing rights and what if any limitations or restriction are on the material.)

    5. In what formats would you like to see your message developed? (Check all that apply)
    Printed Book (How many copies do you anticipate selling in the first year through your own efforts?) E-BookCurriculum or small group resourceOn-line courseVideoAudio bookMobile AppOther (please specify)

    We want to get to know you and vice versa. In the final section of this application below, let us know when would be the most convenient time to call.

    Please initial the specific service you desire: If sending payment, please make checks payable to “HigherLife” and sent to the address indicated below.

    $399 Manuscript Review (my manuscript is less than 30,000 words)$499 Manuscript Review (my manuscript is 30,000 words or more)A publishing and marketing coach (no charge for the initial consultation)A custom HigherLife publishing and marketing proposal. (No charge)

    Please return this application either by e-mail to info@ahigherlife.com or send via postal mail to:
    HigherLife Publishing and Marketing. PO Box 623307, Oviedo FL 32762

    Thank you for completing the HigherLife questionnaire and returning it us.

    We love helping our clients experience the thrill of making a difference!



    You need a publishing partner who understands the latest technology, market realities, and marketing strategies.

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    With close to a million new titles published each year, competition for sales and exposure is tremendous. Traditional publishing doesn’t work or isn’t available for the vast majority of authors. Fewer than 5% of books are published this way. You spend months “pitching” your book before finally giving up and choosing another path. In the meantime, precious exposure and sales have been lost.

    What about self-publishing? Most authors who go this route wind up with an inferior product with little to no real marketing strategy or support. A potentially great message gets improperly developed and, as a result, sales and impact are diminished.

    Consider HigherLife’s unique collaborative publishing model as the ideal balance between traditional and self-publishing. You retain your rights and benefit from a full team of gifted writers, editors, designers, and marketing strategists who know how to artfully craft your message. Our work is customized and tailored to help you achieve your specific goals and reach your unique audience.

    High barriers to entry | Lose your publishing rights | Minimal marketing support | Focus is on publisher sales | High development quality | Copies you buy cost you more | Slow process
    Low barriers to entry | Keep your publishing rights | Minimal marketing support | Focus is on author direct sales | Typically poor development quality | Copies you buy cost less | Fast turn-around
    Low barriers to entry | Keep your publishing rights | Significant marketing support | Focus is on author direct sales while providing bookstore distribution | High development quality | Very reasonable rates on author copies | Fast to medium turn-around


    The thought of developing a new image and website for my business was daunting. HigherLife gave me suggestions and ideas that lead to a new, professionally-designed website, and a new identity and look for marketing my business. The HigherLife team is gifted with insight and ideas that helped my business move to the next level.

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    Mark Ferguson

    Chartered Assurance Group


    Having worked with more than five traditional publishing houses in the publication of more than ten of my books, I decided to take the leap into the hybrid publishing model offered by HigherLife. I have been blown away by their service, their attention to detail, and their rapid response to questions … it will be hard to ever expect anything less. Likewise, the active role they took in the marketing and design of the book, from start to finish, has exceeded my expectations.

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    Laurie Beth Jones



    I want all to know just how amazing the HigherLife team is. As a first-time author, I was masterfully led through uncharted territory into a place of confidence and success for both my book and the necessary re-branding of our non-profit. HigherLife was committed to our success on every front, challenging us to “think outside the box” and creatively flourish. We listened and we did!

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    Alisa Jordheim

    The Justice Society