Holiday Marketing

This month you are probably working hard to both wrap up the current year in a strong position and get your first quarter 2019 initiatives in place. In the process, don’t forget to take advantage of the unique marketing opportunities that the holiday season presents.

Truth is, virtually every month, every week, even every day of the year offers you unique marketing opportunities. Anytime you can tie your marketing efforts to a current event, or in this case a seasonal event, that is helpful. The more specific and focused your marketing the better.

You just have to look for a creative way to link your product or service with whatever happens to be happening in culture or in the news. For example:

  • If you are a non-profit that provides disaster relief, can you raise funds to help victims of the current snow storm that just went through the Southeast?
  • If you run a bakery, make a special offer tied to “National Pastry Day” (December 9th.)
  • If you are an app developer, create a promotional campaign or announce a new product launch around “National App Day” (December 11th)

The point is, there is a holiday for just about anything you can imagine—literally hundreds of these. Don’t think that you are limited to just the more well-known holidays. Here is a link to just one of many sites that you can go to in order to research the various holiday themes available:

Perhaps equally important as finding a current holiday, news item, or theme around which you can present your product or service is to consider what other organizations, businesses, associations, and industries would benefit from identifying with the book, product, or service you have to offer. Lining up sponsors can be a highly successful strategy even if these sponsors don’t contribute financially to your efforts. It may be that their endorsement or willingness to share your work with their own database is worth far more to you in terms of exposure and creating awareness than any financial contribution.

As you make plans to announce or launch your next initiative, think about the current event tie-ins you can line up and leverage to help you spread the word and generate more leads.

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